Monday, May 07, 2007

"Four" the Life of Me...

I thought I'd add my own title...Erin tagged me, and I decided to get on board! are my fours:

Four jobs I've had: book-binder, Shultz dining hall dishwasher and trash picker, Subway sandwich artist (I just made a great sub for my hub today!), assistant camp director ...and many more, but there's only room for four!

Four places I have lived: Dinwiddie, VA; Shanks Dorm at Virginia Tech; Mexico City; Honolulu, Hawaii

Four movies I watch over and over: Hmm...the ones I would watch...since our DVDs are in a trunk somewhere in Houston and we don't have a DVD player yet: Sense and Sensibility, Shenandoah, It's A Wonderful Life, Pride and Prejudice (There's a Jane Austen and Jimmy Stewart theme going on there!)

Four favorite foods: Mom's Pennsylvania Dutch "Pot-Pie," Good Virginia Barbecue, watermelon, lasagna

Four favorite TV shows: reruns of Little House on the Prairie, Jeopardy, Virginia Tech football (which isn't really a, news on TV Azteca since we can see news about Mexico City.
Sometimes I wish we were like the Teskes w/ no TV, but I won't nag! :)

Four places I'd rather be right now: Dinwiddie, VA; Oaxaca, Mexico; any decent, clean, pool; on the beach across the street from a decent, clean, pool!

Four things I wonder about: Will I ever be a mom?
Where will God send my husband and me next?
Do the people from high school and college that I randomly think about spontaneously think of me, too?
Will I ever truly grasp the immensity of what Christ did for me or am I just too human to ever really understand the depth of His love?

Four People I tag to complete this: Brandy (because she likes easy blog posts) , Joel (because he doesn't post much) and...well...anyone else out there? I've always been a loner! Ha!


Erin said...

These are fun!
I think I actually knew you during three of those four jobs. :)

Yes, the people you think about from college still sporadically think about you too. We hooked up, didn't we?

greta lynn hernandez said...

I believe you did know me during three of those four!

Hey, if we got together we could have one great tailgate party for a VT game--pizza and subs! ;)